To create a SubCritical game, create a file with a scg extension. This file will be the "main" chunk of your game. At the top of the file, put:

gamelicense = "license"
require "subcritical"

It is vital that these lines be before any other code. Doing this ensures that your game has a fair chance of running the same from platform to platform.

Replace license with one of:

Your game's license permits linking with the GPL, and does not allow linking with "proprietary" licenses. (Example: GPL)
Your game's license does not have any linking restrictions, and is otherwise compatible with the GPL. (Example: LGPL, BSD license, public domain)
Your game conflicts with the GNU GPL, or is restricted from dynamically linking with GPL code. (Example: All non-Open licenses)

It is recommended that games be released under the LGPL (which qualifies as Compatible above) in order to be as flexible as possible. Some packages or libraries may become unavailable depending on which license you've chosen.

NOTE: Specifying a license in this way is NOT legally binding. You must also separately indicate, in a human-readable fashion (such as a COPYING or LICENCE file and/or boilerplate), the exact terms of the license of your game. Additionally, a Compatible game can and will cause GPL and Incompatible packages to be loaded at the same time. It is assumed that, since GPL and Incompatible code is not "touching," this is permitted. See license.html.

You can omit the license line above, but SubCritical will persistently warn you that your game is not licensed. If it is omitted, SubCritical will assume a Compatible license.

If you change gamelicense later, SubCritical will IGNORE the change.


Warning: This listing is known to be incomplete.