png package

png contains no utilities.


The png package is marked as Compatible, which means any game can use it.


PNGLoader : GraphicLoader

PNGLoader loads all known forms of PNG file.

PNGLoader has no methods it didn't inherit.

png_loader = SubCritical.Construct("PNGLoader")

PNGDumper : GraphicDumper

PNGLoader writes PNG files.

png_dumper = SubCritical.Construct("PNGDumper")
Prepares a PNGDumper.
table = dumper:ListFilters()
Returns a table showing (both as an array and as a map) all possible filters that can be passed to SetFilters.
dumper:SetFilters(filter[, otherfilter[, ...]])
Set the filters to try while compressing the image. You can save compression time by trying fewer filters in exchange for larger file size.

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