sdl package

sdl is actually known as scsdl to avoid a namespace conflict on Windows.

sdl contains no utilities.


The sdl package is marked as Compatible, which means any game can use it.


SDLGraphics : GraphicsDevice

SDLGraphics is the standard cross-platform GraphicsDevice implementor. It tries its best to adjust the screen to sRGB before proceeding (to disable, set NO_FIX_GAMMA=1 in the environment). It will try to use OpenGL when simulating a different-sized framebuffer via the true_width and true_height parameters. You can disable OpenGL and force it to use software by setting NO_OPENGL=1 in the environment; be warned that the software implementation is lazy and will not have correct results when doing partial updates.

A future version of SDLGraphics will support additional joystick-related functions.

SDLGraphics has no methods it didn't inherit.

SDLSound : SoundDevice

SDLSound is the standard cross-platform SoundDevice implementor.

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