serialize package

serialize depends on Graphic

serialize contains no classes.


The serialize package is marked as Compatible, which means any game can use it.

Utility functions

celduin = SCUtil.Dehydrate(value)
value is nil, a boolean, a number, a string, or a table. If it is a table, it can only contain booleans, numbers, strings, and other tables as keys or values. Duplicate references and circular references are not problems — you will get a semantically identical table from a later Rehydrate on the same celduin. celduin will be a string, and will almost certainly contain NULs.
value = SCUtil.Rehydrate(celduin)
The inverse of Dehydrate. It's recommended that you use one of the checksumming functions in this package to verify the integrity of a celduin before rehydration, since the encoding contains no redundancy and Rehydrate will raise an error on a malformed celduin.
sum = SCUtil.QuickChecksum(message) printable_sum = SCUtil.QuickChecksumHex(message)
Calculates the checksum of message in accordance with the same CRC32 function as is used by gzip.
QuickChecksum will return a 4-byte compact binary encoding while QuickChecksumHex will return 8 (capitalized) hexadecimal digits.
sum = SCUtil.GoodChecksum(message) printable_sum = SCUtil.GoodChecksumHex(message)
Calculates the SHA-256 digest of message.
GoodChecksum will return a 32-byte compact binary encoding while GoodChecksumHex will return 64 (capitalized) hexadecimal digits.

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