xor package

xor contains no classes.


The xor package is marked as Compatible, which means any game can use it.

Utility functions

mangled = SCUtil.XorString(string, cipher)
This returns a copy of string with every character binary XOR'd with cipher. cipher is a number between 0 and 255 inclusive; if it is outside this range, only the low 8 bits will be used.
Repeating this operation with the same cipher will return the original string. A trivial statistical analysis will "crack" this cipher, so using it for anything other than mild obfuscation is unwise.
mangled = SCUtil.XorStrings(string1, string2)
This is equivalent to XorString, but each character in string1 is XOR'd with the corresponding character in string2. If one string is longer than the other, the extra characters are appended to the mangled string without modification.
This can be used to implement one-time pad cryptography. If the same "key" string is never used to encrypt more than one "plaintext" string, and the "key" string is sufficiently random, no attack (theoretical or otherwise) will ever be able to recover the plaintext from the ciphertext without the key. (Beware $5 wrench attacks.)

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